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Joeri is a multimedia designer and developer that has worked at Suprevo in frontend and backend development and runs the central European portal for a competitive gaming community, SmashEurope.

Joeri holds a bachelor in Gamedesign and Development of the Utrecht School of the Arts during which he learned the fundamentals and best practises of interaction design and development.

This page was made to offer a quick overview of recent projects and trainings Joeri's gone through.

For work experience see Joeri's resume below.

Recent Development Experience

React Logo

Basic React Storefront Frontend

After completing an online introductory React course Joeri wrote basic storefront functionality in ReactJS using Typescript in which products can be added to a cart and processed for payment.

The frontend can pull data from a local .json file or an api using a custom Fetch hook or useSWR.

Basic Storefront Fastify API

To complement the storefront frontend Joeri wrote after completing an online ReactJS course he dove into Fastify(similar to ExpressJS) with Typescript to run a basic node server. The server stores and updates an object array of products in a .json file with support for GET, POST and DELETE requests.

The server was written to quickly run a local API that local frontend projects can interact with while having full control.

Online React JS Course

Over the span of 1,5 months Joeri ran through an online introductory course for React JS.

The course covered the fundamentals of the framework, explained the importance of immutability, shared various approaches to statemanagement, covered various hooks and explained how to hook up a storefront to Stripe for payment processing. In the optional section of the course an introduction to Redux was also given.

While the course was given in JSX, during the course Joeri rewrote various components in the Typescript equivalent TSX for further practise purposes. The code for those components can be viewed in the link to the repository below along with a link to the course certificate.

Component Library in SvelteKit

As R&D project at Suprevo Joeri wrote a basic component library in which HTML, JQuery and (S)CSS styling code per component could be stored in one file.

This was an exploration if such a library would benefit to quickly reuse frequent components required for development of the websites the studio developed in Wordpress using HTML, JQuery and (S)CSS.

Work Experience



Joeri worked as frontend/backend developer from January of 2022 till January 2023.

At the studio he wrote frontend boilerplates for various Wordpress websites using HTML, (S)CSS and JQuery. After which these were incorporated into custom wordpress themes written in PHP.

Joeri also took care of monthly maintenance of over 20 Wordpress websites that were under service contract at the studio which consisted of running database backups, reviewing and updating plugins and running a basic stability check. Joeri structured and managed the maintenance tasks using which was the standard project management solution used in the studio.

As R&D projects Joeri wrote a component library in Sveltekit, a basic theme for Wordpress frontend boilerplates and explored a Dockerized server setup to sync local Wordpress development with a remote database.


SmashEurope is an ongoing project to provide exposure and organisational stability for a competitive gaming community that exists for the Super Smash Bros. franchise since 2002.

It consists primarily of various social media platform handles, a central portal website and a central organisational server on discord for European tournament organizers and community representatives.

Joeri's spearheaded this initiative since 2014, co-launched and maintained the portal website since 2015 and has guarded the project ever since as project lead, admin, developer, content creator, social media/communications manager and facilitator of the European Smash Backroom which exists to serve as a safe bridge for appointed representatives for the scene to seek concensus on important topics that concern the community.

From a web-development perspective Joeri's been involved with the design of the initial wordpress website and assets, has expanded the website with pages and various components over the years and has explored mockups for the website's rebuilt and addition of features.

In 2023 Joeri took over the websites hosting and has started work on a rebuild of the website using AstroJS. This is in ongoing development with no pre-determined release data yet. Have a look at the public repo to follow along.

Paladin Studios

For 2,5 years Joeri's worked in video game quality assurance(QA) in various capacities. At Paladin Studios he was nearly solely reponsible for dedicated in house QA for multiple overlapping projects in development at the studio.

Apart from regular reporting of issues and verifying fixes Joeri introduced a video capture approach to enhance the bug reports, streamlined the QA process in Jira and Trello and established various checklists to ensure builds went out stable to the client or live environment.

As the QA team gradually expanded Joeri scheduled and chaired the discipline meetings.

Vanguard Games

Joeri did a half year internship in Game Engine Quality Assurance(QA) working closely with the in-house tools development team for Halo: Spartan Assault.

The studio had an inhouse developed editor and engine that was used to develop and run the game. Joeri had to experiment in this environment as much as possible and reproduce issues the game development team ran into.

After quickly inventarizing all the bugs in the database maintaining this list didn't fill up the full workday so Joeri got the opportunity to do level design for Halo: Spartan Assault as well.

Vanguard rebranded several times after mergers and accusitions. These days they develop VR interactive experiences of various capacities under Vertigo Games.

Additional Experience

Multimedia and Game Design

For his education, personal projects and voluntary contributions Joeri's developed into a broadly skilled multimedia designer that adapts and evolves to the tools best suited for the project.

Skills include Concepting, Design Mockups, Social Media Coverage Markup and Asset Creation, Logo Designs, Graphic Design for Promotional images, Video editing, Writing and Game Design.

The slides document linked below contains examples of these efforts.

Photography & Drawing

To continue to develop his artistic fundamentals/understanding and as means of relaxation Joeri engages in landscape, urban and experimental photography and does pencil sketching sessions.

His Instagram linked below offers a good look into these activities.

sketch by Tom v.d Linden


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